Ping causing internet issues

Hi @Josh_Stuart

Sorry about the experience you’ve had with your internet. I created this new Forum topic so that we can troubleshoot the issues you described with the ping (below).

I’ll take a look at your account and hope to have some insights soon.



Hi @Josh_Stuart,

While the 600ms ping over Viasat could cause certain internet use cases to feel slightly delayed, I think that the experience you are describing could be affected by other additional factors that we can troubleshoot.

Upon taking a look at your account I noticed that:

  • You reached your 60 GB priority data limit on November 5, so for the last 2 weeks your speeds during the peak busy period (evening hours) were likely not great. I can go ahead and some extra GBs of priority data (free-of-charge) but first it would be useful to point out one example of an app/website where you have noticed these long delays loading content such as images. Does anything come to mind? Could you by any chance share a screen recording of the loading with us?

  • Your antenna signal quality values look slightly off. Given that your install is recent, I wonder if the problem could be related to the line of sight between your antenna and the satellite. Is there by any chance anything (such as trees) that could be partially blocking the direct line of sight between your antenna and the open sky?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us troubleshoot this issue, hopefully we can improve your experience,


Thanks, Nacho.
Internet speeds have been decent (even on standard data after running out of the 60GB high speed). Except for one day where the download was 0.3Mbps and upload was all but non-existent, we have gotten speeds of about >=5 Mbps down and >= 0.3 Mbps up on the standard, which are reasonable. If a tree was blocking the signal, wouldn’t affect the download and upload rates too? Why would it only affect the latency/ping? Please explain your thinking here.

I can ask my partner for use cases that are unbearably slow and send them along. I’m w/ family for Thanksgiving until Nov 27, so will send after that. Stay tuned and hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate this holiday!) with friends and family.

Hello @Josh_Stuart ,

We identified some other aspects of your recent install that may be causing these issues, and have requested a tech visit to sort them all out.

The team will call you later to schedule the visit at your best time, and we’ll be following the request to check for improvements in your signal quality.

Ok, thanks

–Josh (via phone)

Can you re-ping the tech person since I never got a call from them. I wonder if you could elaborate on the issues you are seeing on my account that you think might be affecting the service? The tech person that installed the dish unit seemed to be a little new (a few weeks on the job). Not sure if that is a factor. Would we get a new tech person to take a look or would it be the same person? An independent assessment by someone experienced might help depending on the issues you are referring to. Thanks for your help. --Josh

Hi @Josh_Stuart!

I’ve asked them to call you on the phone number associated with your account.

They are mostly equipment-related, and a line of sight issue that the tech would have to take a look at and see if they can move things around in a way that increases your signal quality.

Of that, I’m not sure – but when the Field team calls, you can inform them of this concern and see if they can send out a different technician. Probably, they will already send out someone with more hands-on experience due to the equipment problems.

Thanks. They called yesterday. I have an appt on Friday, 12/8.

–Josh (via phone)

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Hello @Josh_Stuart ,

I see that your tech visit was completed successfully.
How has your connection been since then?

I appreciate the help from the customer support at Viasat. You all seem to be doing the best you can.

We continue to use the Viasat connection, at least until we run out of our limited plan.

My next question relates somewhat to my previous one about shady business practices with the company: Now I’m being charged for the “EasyCare” service, which apparently was free for the first 3 months. Again, there was not good documentation about this service when I signed up. Even more concerning, it is listed as optional but I have found no way to opt out on the Viasat website. I have clicked on everything having to do with my account. So, how does one go about removing this service? I hope I’m wrong (and/or being stupid about missing an obvious place on the website) and that the only way is not by writing a complaint to someone like you on a visible forum like this?

Thanks for your continued help, --Josh

Hi again @Josh_Stuart !

Account add-ons can be removed with the Customer Care agents, at 855-463-9333.