Slow Internet and can't work

Hi @gina.smith729

Sorry, we weren’t aware of your plan change – this was activated on February 8, right?

The situation may change with the new modem. I see that the add-on “Enhanced Wifi” comes with your new plan, so the technician may be bringing you an external router called ARIA.

This may also help your case with the TVs if we can connect to the ARIA instead of the modem, as you mentioned that the EERO doesn’t show up on your TV’s Wi-Fi list.

The TV you have may not support the EERO, or it may be a Wi-Fi channel mismatch (which happens often).

Your tech visit is scheduled for the afternoon of February 19 – hopefully after that, we can see some better speeds from your TV.

If possible, please ask the technician who arrives whether he can already leave your TV connected to the ARIA instead of the Viasat modem – it’ll be very quick and if they can help you out, then it’ll be easier for you to just test the connection later :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your assistance with this. I was wondering if perhaps the new equipment might make a difference, and I will also inquire about the eero’s as again I think I have them connected correctly but not sure. But at least I can start over with them after the new equipment Monday if needed.

Hopefully this will solve a lot :blush: (fingers crossed)

Thank you again!

Hi @gina.smith729

You’re very welcome!!

We’ll be keeping an eye on your tech visit and check back with you as soon as it’s completed.

If you need any assistance in the meantime, let us know :wink: