Slow Internet and can't work

It varies per tv. The one we use the most, the tv is on a different floor that the modem. We are using eeros to try to ‘spread’ the signal throughout the house, as it was much worse before we got them

I see, thanks for the info @gina.smith729 !

Generally speaking, most Wi-Fi connections (especially if you’re using the 5.0 Ghz network) can’t handle double floors or very large houses, so the EERO is a great addition.

Did these two last tests (speedcheck and come from the same TV?

The result of 29 Mbps is very good, as that is your plan’s expected speed and more than enough to stream at high quality. :slight_smile:

Yes from the same tv

I see, then the Wi-Fi signal is fluctuating a lot due to the distance, the first test was less than 2 Mbps and the second one was almost 30 Mbps.
Is the EERO close to this specific TV?

PS @gina.smith729 do you have a mobile phone that could be used to run a on the exact same spot as the TV that has fluctuating speeds? This way we can also confirm if it’s the TV itself or the distance causing the issue.

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Hi again @gina.smith729

Did you test right by the same spot as the TV?

If so, your TV’s Wi-Fi antenna may have some sort of defect or simply isn’t strong enough to capture the signal from so far away.

All your speed tests from other devices are around 45 Mbps except the ones from the TV.

Would it be possible to connect this TV via cable to the modem, like your computer is?

Unfortunately no, this is why we got the eeros

Hi again @gina.smith729

Do you happen to know the brand and model of your TV? I can research if there’s anything else to be done regarding the Wi-Fi antenna.

As your phone is getting great speeds from the same spot, the TV itself seems to be unable to receive the Wi-Fi signal to its full potential, even with the Eeros.

We have 4.

The one I tested is a Samsung QN65Q80AAFXZA 4K

We also have:

Samsung UN43TU7000FXZA

Samsung QN65Q80AAFXZA 4K

Samsung UN55AU8000FXZA

Hi @gina.smith729,

Thank you so much for your cooperation thus far!

I understand that your Samsung TV (QN65Q80AAFXZA 4K) seems to be the only device affected by slow speeds, and that it is connected to your EERO’s network.

Could you please double check that your TV is connected to your EERO’s network, and not the modem’s router? The router’s SSID usually starts with “vsat-24…” or “vsat-5…”.

As Nathalia suggested, the TV’s Wi-Fi antenna may be at fault. But if the TV is connected to the EERO network, it can also be the case that the nearest EERO device from the TV may be too far away or obstructed. Would it be possible for you to move it closer to the TV, and check if the speed improves?

Lastly, could you perform another Speed Check test from your TV, and right afterwards, a complete Speed Check diagnosis from your mobile phone, both connected to the EERO network, preferably in the morning? That way, we can definitely rule out congestion as a factor.


The eero is connected directly to the Viasat router so isn’t it one and the same network?

Hi again @gina.smith729,

Currently, you have an SB2+ modem installed. This modem comes with a built-in router inside of it. Compared to your EERO Wi-Fi mesh setup, the built-in router’s network has a shorter range.

We’ve detected that your SB2+'s built-in router is currently set to Router mode, which means there’s a separate network (one that start with “vsat-…”) active, besides your EERO network.

Could you check that by verifying if your TV is connected to your EERO network?


How do I check that? Not sure what setting to look for?

Hi @gina.smith729,

You can check which wireless network your TV is currently connected to by referring to this article by Samsung. Specifically, the section “Check the internet settings” should prove useful in finding the current TV’s network.

As per the article, the images may differ slightly depending on the model and firmware on your TV. In general, try to find an option that relates to Network Status, Network Information or something similar.

As a reminder, you’re looking for the network’s SSID, which is basically the name of the network, and if that SSID corresponds to your EERO network or the modem’s router network.

Let me know once you find it, or if you require further assistance :grinning:


So here is what I found, hope this helps. Not having any luck with an SSID. This was at approximately 6:30am this morning. The last one is from my phone

[admin’s notes: post edited to remove private data]

This is from my eero

[admin’s notes: post edited to remove private data]

Hi @gina.smith729

I can see that your TV is not connected to the EERO, but directly to the Viasat EXEDE SB2 modem:

From the other pictures, your EERO network begins with a different number than your TV’s Gateway address, which means it’s not on the same network as the EERO.

I know this is a bunch of technical jargon, but this confirms why your phone receives great speeds even at the exact same spot as your TV, but your TV keeps showing bad speeds and fluctuations.

Do you know how to change the network that your TV is connected to?

In most TVs, this may be in Settings → Network → (and then a list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear).

I assume the network from the EERO will have that as the start of its name, but if you don’t see anything like that, you can send us a picture and we’ll try to walk you through the Wi-Fi list.

(Also, your TV is on the 5.0 Ghz channel on the Viasat router, which as I mentioned before, has bad speeds when your device is too far away from the modem. This will be fixed by connecting to the EERO as well.)

So I do not see the Eero network name and when I type it in it cannot find it. I may have to reset uo the whole system.

One question, I switched to the lower priced plan, any idea why they have to bring me a new modem?