Slow download and upload speed

I am paying for 150MBPS but only getting
around 8 MBPS download speeed

Hi @warrenhubmann10

Sorry for the experience.

I see that you have the Choice 40 Mbps/150GB plan. This means that your expected speeds should be up to 40 Mbps (instead of 150 Mbps), with a monthly limit of 150 GB of high speed data :slightly_smiling_face:

However, there’s still quite a difference between your expected and reported speeds.

I also saw that you ran a couple of speed tests on Speedcheck. From the reports, it looks like you could be having Wi-Fi issues; specifically, your device may be distant from your router, thus decreasing your speeds. Could you please run another speed test, this time with your device as close to your router as possible?

Hi @warrenhubmann10 ,

I see that you ran a couple of speeds tests last Wednesday. There’s quite a significant difference between the speeds on your device and on your modem, which indicates a Wi-Fi issue.

Could you tell me how close you were to the router when you performed these tests? Are there any walls or objects that may be blocking the router relative to the device you used for the tests?

The router is located right beside the device ( Laptop ) in the same room

Right. You may be indeed having Wi-Fi issues. In order to validate this, would it be possible for you to connect your device to the router with an Ethernet cable, and run a speed test again?

Also, when doing this, make sure that the Wi-Fi on your device is off.

Yes I will hook up Ethernet cable to my laptop and turn off wifi on laptop and run speed test again when I get home tonight

Hi @warrenhubmann10

Were you able to run a speed test using a cabled connection to the modem?

No sorry not yet my laptop does not have a Ethernet port. My wife’s does though and i will run speed test through hers soon as I can she is out of town but will be back this Friday the 22 nd

That’s alright. I’ll be checking on your results as soon as they’re available :blush: