Scammed me out of money

This company has horrible customer service! I disconnected my account in 2018 and returned my equipment at that time. They reached out via debt collectors in 2022 saying the equipment wasn’t returned. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM 4 YEARS LATER?!? They are now trying to scam me out of $300 and won’t speak with me on the phone because the account is too old? Absolutely insane. This company has been a headache since day 1! Now that im reading the other reviews it appears they have a track record of doing this to people. WHAT A SCAM!! BEWARE!!!

after reading of other dealing with this issue, maybe we need to rise up and have a class action lawsuit against viasat! They tried to do this same thing to me in 2019 and I was able to resolve it, but they tried to pull this same BS with me again in 2022. when is enough enough?!?!?!?!

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Hi @Asha_wilson,

Sorry about this experience. I will escalate this issue to our billing team and ask them to look into it, I hope to have an update soon.



Not a bad idea, something has to be done there are too many people having the same problem.
Where’s the data?

Hi, @Asha_wilson,

Just a follow-up: we’re still working to remove the account from the collections.

We’ll hopefully have some updates on that soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


We’re still looking at this case, sorry for the delay.

I received the information that one of your accounts was removed from collections last August, but there is another one still in collections. We’re talking to the responsible personnel to try to expedite the process.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi @Asha_wilson ,

We’ve contacted the internal team about your matter and none of your accounts are in collections on our system. Have you still been receiving these collections calls?


They did this to me as well. I live in a rural area and they claimed their Internet works great here and tricked me into signing a contract. And when they got everything hooked up it worked great… for about 2 and a half days then I was getting notices that I have already gone over my data usage. So I called and they said that yes that was too quick and that it’s probably an issue with the receiver and that they will send someone out to get it set right. But there was a catch to this as well. I had to subscribe to another service just to have the tech come out. And when I mentioned I haven’t even had my service a month yet and there’s already issues with it so I feel I should get help from them and a free top up of my data they wouldn’t give it to me and they were rude to me as soon as I started asking about being reimbursed. By the end of the call they convinced me to buy more data and ensured me that my Internet will be fast again. The tech guy should have been to my apartment to realign my equipment within a couple of days. No one ever showed up and I kept having to purchase more data just to be able to let my son watch blippi on YouTube. Then when I found a better cheaper and local Internet company I called to cancel my service and attempt to be refunded the money I wasted on there crappy service they pretty much refused to cancel my service and 100% refused to refund me. Then I was put on hold for God knows how long when I asked for a supervised just for that person to treat me like I was the one trying to rip them off. After a whole lot of arguing and being treated badly by this person I asked for their boss at which point I was placed on hold again and then I never even got to speak to another person they just hung up the phone on me. I emailed them and called them over and over to no avail. And they even took money off my card when the next month rolled around. I had to block my card so they would stop stealing my money. I tried and tried to get them to cancel my service and when I thought that they did i find out they didn’t. I’m a single dad working a job that barely pays more than minimum wage so this was devastating especially since my son was still in diapers and drinking formula. I had to go hungry multiple times in order to make sure my son had everything he needed and the basic necessities were met. Then I didn’t here from them for over a year and all of a sudden I have a package from them wanting their equipment back and a 300 or 350 dollar fee for cancellation plus the month I never even used and if I don’t send it or pay the money they want they’ll send it to collections. By this point I no longer even lived in the apartment I was in when I signed up for their scam of a service. So I called and they said they won’t do anything for me because my account was closed due to non payment and to return their equipment and to pay them. I them tried to explain my situation and the person said well I guess it’s going to collections and hung up. It’s been about 6 months and they never tried contacting me again. Now I have a bunch of emails from a debt collector telling me I owe almost 800. This company is the worst company in every way you can think of. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit against them please please contact me because I’m joining. I just got my credit score up to good credit now it’s going to be bad again because there’s no way I can pay the collector with how little money I make. Viasat is evil and I hope they loose all their customers and go bankrupt. I will be contacting the BBB about this as well because I don’t think I should have to be dealing with any of this since I tried to cancel within the first 30 days of having their service.
If anyone know of anything I can do to resolve this please reach out and let me know