Please stop the Viasat Scam

I cancelled my Viasat account on 12/1/21. I paid a final bill of $100 on 2/8/22. Viasat let me know that they would send a box for the equipment to be returned. They sent a box without a valid address label. I called to request another box, which I received. I dropped the parcel with the equipment at UPS Store in Eureka, since I could not just drop it off at a UPS drop-off point near me. When they asked if I wanted a receipt, I said no, since it was during COVID and I wanted as little contact as possible, and hurried out of the store. At some point in the next year or so, I received notice that Viasat had not received the return package. I assume it was for the package that had no return label. I called and explained what had happened and the agent said that she would take care of it. Now, 3 years later I am receiving texts and emails from a collection agency saying that I owe over $300. What a scam. Please take measures to stop the harassment. Thank you, Mike Harding A50970165

Hi @Mike_Harding,

Sorry about this experience. Unfortunately our Forum team is only able to work technical issues, so I would recommend calling our customer support line at 855-463-9333

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