Billing issue after disconnect

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Hi @Stephen_Cordle,

We are sorry about that experience. We’ll take a look at your account to find the problem. I hope to have an update soon.



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Hello @Stephen_Cordle,

We’ve investigated this issue but the forum team is unable to provide assistance with this particular situation. We ask that you please contact Resurgent Capital Services at 1-888-665-0374 for further information on that bill.


Yeah, that’s a bullshit answer! I’m sending them a response. Really shifty response after assuring me it was taken care of last week.

We are just struggling to support you on this because its not our area and when we ask about it the above is the only answer we get. We’re very sorry our help is not better on this issue.


Imagine where Im coming from! You guys didnt contact me for 14 months, Im then contacted by a company saying I can resolve $126 bill. I then contact Viasat where told from rep, issue is handled. Now, nobody can give an answer, says very little for your company. I have 800 plus credit score. I dang sure wouldve paid it if owed. Im fighting the debt collector and definitely stearing others away. Never seen such crap in my life! You need to hire more honest customer reps. I was told paid in full Mar 22 then again last week. Why dont you go back and look at when I shipped equipment back. This isnt rocket science! Ive read where its more norm than exception.