Satellite alignment

I’ve called viasat tech support several times over last few days. Internet slow or none. Re-set modem, unplugged and then replugged after 3 minutes etc. nothing is working. Diagnostics say satellite needs alignment call customer support. The gave me a work order # and a phone # to schedule tech. I call and they do not do that work any longer for viasat. What am I to do ? I am a long time viasat customer and have paid a premium price for years ……I need support asap or I will have to go elsewhere. Cannot do my job without internet !

Hi @Ps33conroy,

I see that the work order was created, but not scheduled yet. You will need to wait for a call from the technician to schedule it.

Is your antenna installed on the ground? If it’s safe to reach, you could try repointing it on your own. Please take a look at this article: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?

If it sounds viable I can send you an install key via private message.



Thank you. My dish is in back yard and easily accessible on ground level. Send me the in private message and I’ll give it a shot after watching tutorial videos.

Can you send me the modem key ?

Hi @Ps33conroy, I sent you a private message, you can access it here: