Dish Alignment Error

Got Viasat installed today & within an hour of the tech leaving, the dish was out of alignment and not working properly. i called and they will send someone out on monday. however, it’s not a good first impression by any means. our tech was amazing, however only an hour of service & it’s not working? very disappointed.

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Hi @Taylor_Black,

Sorry about this experience, this is definitely not a common situation.

Like you mentioned, there is a technician visit already scheduled for tomorrow morning, but if you prefer you could take a look at this article that explains how to repoint the antenna on your own: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?



I’m having the same issue. My internet stopped working out of nowhere last night and when I run a diagnostic test it shows 2 issues the first issue is dish alignment and the second issue is dish to modem connection. I made an appointment for a technician to come out but it won’t be until Monday. Is it anything I can do myself to fix the problem?

For public knowledge, @Lyric_Nesbitt 's issue is being worked on: My internet stopped working out of nowhere last night