RM5110 won't work with wired connections

Just got my service installed a few days ago. When attempting to connect anything directly into the LAN ports the router does not give an IP address. The light on the modem LAN port turns amber and the computer says “unidentified network”. I have tried using all 4 LAN ports with no success, as well as several different laptops and a desktop. Always the same result.

The Wi-Fi works with no issue although it’s quality is very poor.

I’d like to put a external Wi-Fi router in and connect it to LAN port 1 but I can’t seem to even get a desktop to connect.

The modem is not in bridge mode. I’ve changed no settings in order to get set up with an external Wi-Fi router. The gateway address is default and nothing is connected to it so no IP conflicts are present.

Any ideas? Viasat wants to send out a DirectTV tech again (they installed the service) to confirm if the modem is junk before replacing it and they’re booked out over a week. I asked if they could ship me a replacement for self install but they declined.

Appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks.

Hi @bkhawks89

I checked your account and see many offline events recently, besides the error you mentioned about neither port working.

It looks like your area is having bad weather these past few days, so it’s possible that this caused a mispoint of your antenna and the modem is suffering from that.

Are you able to see whether the satellite dish is in the same position as the install?

Your tech visit is still unscheduled but I see that the Field Operations team is trying to get a date between today and March 16th – I’ll try to escalate this service call if possible.

Thanks for getting back with me and providing an update.

Last night the WiFi also failed but the voice service continued working.

The modem itself was very warm so I placed a usb fan on it and within a hour the WiFi came back and now the LAN ports are working.

The dish seems to be in the same position so I believe the modem itself is bad. Since putting the fan on it everything is working. Though I wonder if it could be better with a modem that’s not in such a bad state.

Hopefully someone can make it out soon to replace the hardware.

Thanks for the help!

Ohh thanks for the info @bkhawks89 !

Your modem must be overheating then. Hopefully Field Ops can replace it as fast as possible. I’ll write down this new info on their service call order. :slight_smile:

How do we go about setting up cancellation? After several escalation attempts we still cannot get anyone here in less than a week.

It’s been an overall frustration experience for an expensive service.

Hi @bkhawks89

I’m sorry that we couldn’t provide you with a better experience.

I truly believe your service could be much better if we replace the faulty modem, but I understand your frustration with the scheduling.

If you wish to go ahead with the disconnect, you can cancel your plan with the Customer Care Agents at 855-463-9333.

(Our Forum team unfortunately can’t cancel for you due to the legal disclaimers that have to be read and agreed to.)