My internet stopped working out of nowhere last night

Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt,

I created this new forum topic to keep better track of your issue:

I took a look at your account and agree with the care agent that you talked to on the phone, it looks like your issue is equipment related so you will need to wait for the technician visit that was already requested.

The only thing you could check is that the cabling coming from your antenna is properly connected to your modem.

Thanks and sorry that we couldn’t help you earlier.


Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt

I see that your service call was completed successfully. :tada:

How has your connection been since then?

It went back out unfortunately. They made another service call for tomorrow.

Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt

Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry to hear that your connection hasn’t been restored yet. :confused:

I found the new service call order on the system, and will be keeping an eye on it to check back with you later.

Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt

I see that you called earlier to cancel today’s service call.

Is your connection back up? I couldn’t detect that your modem is online yet.

No it is not working. I have to make another appointment. It started working yesterday then stopped once again unfortunately.

Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt

I’ve requested that the Field Operations team re-open the last service call order. :slight_smile:

They should get in touch with you later today to reschedule.

Hi @Lyric_Nesbitt

I see that your service call was completed successfully! :tada:

How has your connection been after the equipment change?

Hi again @Lyric_Nesbitt

I’m marking this topic as Solved for now due to your tech visit being successfully completed.

If you still need any assistance with this issue, please let us know!

Thanks :slight_smile: