Return equipment box

I canceled service on November 23 and was advised Viasat equipment needed to be returned within 30 days in packaging provided by Viasat or I would be charged for the equipment. As of Dec 15 I have not received the return packaging. I have called 3 times to request the return box be sent to me and still have not received it despite being assured I would get it.

Hi, @scrapman55,

The box was to be delivered within 7-14 days after the disconnection (which happened on 28 Nov). When those delays happen, customers have to call the customer care line to request the box again (which you did already, so you should receive the box soon).

In any case, I’ll also escalate your case and I’ll let you when I receive any feedback.


Thanks for the reply. Apparently the return boxes were sent to my seasonal property (wrong address) instead of my billing and shipping address which is my primary residence. The down side was a 5 hour round trip (Saturday) to get them but at least that got done. The items are on their way back to Viasat. Please consider the time delay in returning due to this issue since over two weeks went by before I actually received the shipping boxes.

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