Equipment return box

Months ago I cancelled my Viasat subscription and have been waiting for the equipment return box I am supposed to get. I have called four times about it and they haven’t sent anything. I have done my research and found this is a scam and they later charge people for the equipment. I am waiting to be charged for the equipment and am planning to report them to the BBB for it.

Hi @markcshep

I’m sorry about this experience you’re having with Viasat.

I’ve escalated your issue to our internal teams, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have any update on this.

Hi @markcshep ,

I’ve just sent you a direct message asking for a new piece of information.


Hi @markcshep

We had escalated your issue to our internal teams and received an update today.

As you disconnected due to a death, no box is sent in this scenario.

This is what’s noted in our systems – can you confirm if that is the case?

That way, we can be sure that no box will arrive, and you will not be charged.

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Edit – topic marked as Solved due to user’s confirmation on July 2nd:

In the case of disconnect due to a death, no box is sent for equipment returns and there are no charges for unreturned equipment.