Waiting for return box

Hello- I had service disconnected on November 23, 2023 and have not received an equipment return box. Viasat keeps sending the box to the service address which is the wrong address! They need to send the box to my billing/shipping address. I have called at least 8 times and my case went into escalation (SR-00373064)- case# 09067780 on 12/8/2023. Every time I call, customer service reads off scripted messages that have nothing to do with sending the box to the billing address. The last call, I was told that UPS changes my billing address to the service address when they order a box and I will be charged $300 for the equipment or be referred to a collection agency. I can’t return the equipment without a box shipped to my home billing address and, incidentally, I get packages all the time from UPS at the billing address. Please help me with this mess. My account number is [redacted]

Hi @panhead1955

I’m checking things over on your account and it seems we do have your correct address, but I’m sending you a private message so we can confirm it. I’ve removed your account number from the original post so that we don’t expose your info on the public Forum. :slight_smile:

Yes that is the correct address- Roger

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Thanks for the confirmation @panhead1955

I’ve escalated this shipping issue to the team that handles this type of service request and I’ll update you here as soon as they reply.

Just in case, would it be possible at all for you to pick up the box at the other address?

I know the question seems silly, but we’ve had another customer whose shipping address was wrong on the system and he found it faster to just travel to the other one.

It’s not the ideal scenario, of course, but it might be a quicker alternative if you have the means.

No, picking the box up at 135 private 080 rd in Cammal, Pa is NOT possible. That address is a 911 address only ( it is a very rural area). I do not have a mailing address with USPS or UPS at that location. That is why the previous sent boxes were returned by UPS to Viasat in Texas. It is important that the return box be sent to the billing/ shipping address on my account.

Understood, thanks for the information @panhead1955

I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update on the shipping.

Thank you- I’m looking forward to hearing from you in regards to this shipping issue-Roger

I just received an email from Viasat that I will owe them $300 + tax or be directed to a collection agency. I can’t return the equipment without a box shipped to my billing address! Please contact someone within the escalation- shipping team to send me a recovery box asap. I am forwarding you the email I received.

Hi again @panhead1955

I received your private message with the attachment sent to you by Viasat.

I’ve informed the team about this, but it’s an automated message that gets sent because of the 30-day deadline, so you can disregard it for now.

As the attachment says, if you do happen to be charged before the new shipment arrives at the correct address, we will refund your money as soon as the equipment is received back at Viasat.

I’m sorry for the delay with this shipping issue!

I am requesting an extension on the 30 day deadline (another 30 days) for returning the equipment due to no fault of my own. As discussed in earlier posts, Viasat kept sending the recovery box to the wrong address. Even if you could send a box before December 23 ( the 30 day deadline ), there is no way I could return the equipment in time and I will be charged $300 and/or be referred to a collection agency. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated- Roger

Dear Nathaniel- Have you heard anything from the escalation - shipping team on sending an equipment recovery box to my home shipping address? I have not received any emails from you concerning this situation. Some kind of response from you would be appreciated- Roger

Hi again @panhead1955

I’ve requested an update from the escalation again, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

I’m contacting them again now.

I’ll let you know when they manage to correct the shipping address for the box!

Hi @panhead1955

The team replied more or less what I’d explained, that we’re not able to provide an extension to return the equipment or prevent the unreturned equipment fees from being charged – but the fees will be reimbursed upon receiving the equipment.

More importantly, this issue has been re-escalated to the Asset Management team to get the return box shipped to the correct address. The case is still SR-00373064 so we can track the updates with that.

Hello @panhead1955

Sorry for the delay.

A new return box has been shipped to you, with the correct address that you gave us over private message.

The team responsible has informed me that they will update the ticket SR-00373064 - case #09067780 with the tracking number once it’s available.

I may also send you a reply over private message with the tracking number, in case you don’t already have it by then.

Do you have a tracking number?

Hi @panhead1955

I sent you the tracking number on our private message thread. :slight_smile:

Hello again @panhead1955

I see from UPS tracking that the box was delivered successfully on January 03! :tada:


Did everything arrive correctly?

Yes, the box arrived on January 3 and was taken to the UPS store on Thursday, January 4. On Process (Viasat) called Friday, January 5 inquiring about the equipment and asked for the tracking number. I gave them the tracking number and they entered it in UPS to verify it. The equipment box should arrive in Fort Worth on January 10.
I hope there isn’t a problem scanning the equipment.
Thanks for all of your help with this problem.

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All right @panhead1955 !

I’ll check with the billing team after January 10 to confirm that the box has been received and that any fees (if they happen to be charged until then) get reimbursed. :slight_smile:

Thank you- It is greatly appreciated.

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