POLL: How satisfied are you with the Data Saver?

Hello, @DataSaverExperiment ,

It’s been a while since the start of the Data Saver, so we would like to know your thoughts about it :grinning:

How satisfied are you with the Data Saver?
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How likely would you recommend the new feature to others?
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I’ve not been with Data Saver for more than a couple of days and in addition have not yet gone through this months billing cycle at our new download speed. Also had some Samsung related problem with forced TV Plus.

I do have a couple of questions though regarding speeds. That can wait however.
I understand we are to leave feedback re: data saver, from time to time, is that on our own, or as you request it?


The service changed from what we signed up for and im canceling service. Starlink is much better for our internet and costs less.

I need an option that helps me beat my current DSL speeds so more than one person can use internet streaming/zooming/etc simultaneously. The fastest Data Saver option offered to me was 5.5Mb but my DSL is around 5. Given that Viasat satellite has a huge lag (mine has 600ms lag) this would result in performance that is worse (and more expensive) than my current DSL out here in the country. Thus, I need a download cap of something like 10-20 Mbps to make this worthwhile. Why not offer that option?

It is much better than before when all my data would be gone quickly. But there are buffering issues and still problems with services such as Hulu and Amazon where you cannot control the HD. There are still issues, but is much better than the alternative.