Bring back data saver!

Data usage crazy after you removed data saver. Have tried all of your suggestions, not helping. We are long time customers and not happy. Bring back data saver for those of us that like it!
I have been told that Starlink would be the solution. Have been happy until now but if something can’t be done, I think many will switch to Starlink. Help! Please!


If you can get Starlink go for it. I was with Viasat for 15 years and switched to Starlink a couple of years ago when the beta started. Couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much for your response. Are you happy with Starlink? Is there more then enough data?

Hi @jawebb19,

Thanks for posting, we understand your concern and will do our best to try to provide a few recommendations for you to optimize your data usage. Unfortunately, the Video Data Extender was found to be causing issues for many customers so that is why the feature was discontinued - however we do hope to be able to reimagine it and have a similar feature in the future.

For now, if it is ok with you, we can take a look at your data usage to provide a few recommendations that might help you save data.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


As many have posted, the data extender was great for many, those that had issues could just turn it off. Bring it back for us that loved it. And yes if you have recommendations that will help please do. Thanks.

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We certainly appreciate the feedback we are receiving and will make sure to escalate it to the right teams.

I will proceed to take a look at your account in order to provide some recommendations. You should hear back from our team soon.



Starlink has been great. Currently there is no data cap, but supposedly a 1 TB “soft cap” is going to be implemented at some point. Either, way I stream TV all day and have never gone over 500GB in a month. Speeds for me usually average between 75-250 Mbps and the latency is usually around 25ms.

Hi @jawebb19, I took a look at your data usage and noticed that most of it comes from streaming services. Here is an article describing how to manually change your video settings in some of the most popular streaming platforms - How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?

Please let me know if that is helpful, maybe you need some additional instructions to apply these changes in a specific platform or device that the article does not mention?



Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, Starlink is available to me and your answers helped me to decide to change, so much more data!!! And will save money!!! Thank you!!!

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We too are Cheering Loudly for the return of Data Saver. Since it was disabled our data went thru the ROOF. Hats off to Leo and all other Admins that have assisted.
Thinking about the Cutomers who disliked. Yes. Very easy. Turn it OFF. No for us who now must try to minimize data - we have a much greater burden - resetting the resolution - sometimes by each application. Get an update. Gotta go change resolution again.
So it sure seems the Easiest and Simplest fix for cutomers that had issues was just turn it off.
How about Admins conduct a Poll among customers here on Forum?

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Hi @RealJohnGault,

Thank you for this input, we’ve certainly seen cases of people who liked the VDE and would like to keep using it, and we’re forwarding all of these statements and opinions to the responsible personnel so they can take a more informed decision going forward, but for now, we cannot make any promises.

I certainly understand how frustrating it feels to be suddenly impacted by this, and we’ll keep on doing our best to help you with any problems you might have.


This is an excellent idea. We will do this. Can you suggest the wording and structure? Would there just be two choices in the poll? We’d prefer to make this a real user-defined poll to the extent that we can.


I would structure a brief statement that explains …"We recently made changes to our system…to improve customer experience…removing Data Saver function…Many customers have expressed concern about data usage increase with Data Saver removed…please select one of the following responses…
A. I prefer having the Data Saver Function.
B. I Do Not want the Data Saver Function.
C. I don’t care either way.

I don’t know how large an audience this forum represents. In that you may want to try and capture responses outside the Forum customer base and email Cutomers directly.

If you use Twitter…you can see examples on how polls are conducted there as an example.

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Right – not a huge audience here yet but we do want to start moving into using the forum for deeper customer feedback and interactions. One of the key question we have is – if we posted a poll like you suggested to get a read on the Video Data Extender, how would forum users feel about being notified of that type of poll via email? In general we try to avoid any extra emails to our forum users so its something we struggle with with respect to polls run here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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@RealJohnGault @jawebb19 if one of you wants to create a poll about this (see Create a poll that others can vote on - users - Discourse Meta), we will send email notifications on it to other forum users saying something like “your fellow Viasat subscribers are interested in hearing your experience with the Data Saver” or something like that. Does that make sense? In other words, this is your poll but we can help to make more people aware of it.

I would have been much more descriptive in my response has I had the time.
Where I will find the time - I’m not sure.
I will compose something.
Might also be interesting to see the number of responses:
A. I am in favor of keeping current state - Data Saver Removed
B. I experienced issues or problems when Data Saver was available.

I want a 500gb plan…if y’all are not giving back the Data saver… I don’t have any options… trying to get this plan… supposedly not in my area… I can’t even watch movies… I’ve adjusted everything per instructions…not helping…it’s not right to have to pay 335 bucks a month and not get to use my service the way I choose to… VERY Frustrated…

This is a great idea…for those who want it… I mean there was an on and off button…so individuals could decide…but then just snatched away…not cool… starlink not far off… those who pay large amounts monthly will start to boycott with their money…

Note for moderators - It looks like we are working @bigscratch2112’s issue in this other topic below:

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Polling might or might not be useful. What would really be useful is substantially lowering the price of your service. I use it because it’s my only option, but it’s very expensive and now gobbling data at ridiculous rates. It’s a great example of poor and expensive internet service to rural customers.
Of course you should bring back a data saver button. Requiring customers to figure out some savings technique with each streaming service is just thoughtless customer service.