Bring Back Data Saver - Criminal to Get Rid Of

I have been a loyal Viasat customer for almost 3 years. I am diligent about managing my Data. I was not informed Data Saver was removed (there was no notification sent). We used 48 GB in one day and there was no abnormal activity. The only thing I can chalk it up to is Data Saver is gone and that was the on feature that made your service tolerable.

It was made very clear to me by the customer service rep that I spoke to after 20 minutes on hold that Viasat doesn’t care. Which gives me all the more reason to switch to Spectrum as soon as it is available in my area.

The agent I spoke to refused to provide any useful help or actually support me.

I work remotely and this has not become a huge issue. The exact reason I switched from Hughes net has come back to bite me.

Sincerely - The Most Disappointed Customer- Soon to be FORMER Customer


We are sorry for the surprise you experienced in losing the Video Data Extender and the higher data usage rate you have experienced. Two things: 1) do we have your consent to look at your usage data? and 2) we will give you a credit of 40 GB to help while we are looking into this.



Also, in response to the customers who are asking to get the Video Data Extender back, we are starting a new Data Saver Feature Experiment that involves re-enabling the feature and providing a private forum to share experiences with it. The idea is that we can work with customers to evolve a better version of the capability that will have the data savings and reduce the incidence of videos buffering/pausing that so many have complained about. Are you interested to hear more about it? If so I will message you privately.

Yes you have my consent to look into data usage and I would greatly appreciate the 40 GB.

Thank you!

Ok will look in the morning and request the credit.

@Cberens78 I’m unable to do this until this afternoon. Very sorry for the delay!

Hello, @Cberens78,

We granted you 30GB of data and also credited your account for that data. Probably you will receive a message saying that you bought 30GB of data, but rest assured you will not have to pay for that.

In the meantime, we will check your usage and let you know when we find out what might be causing the excessive data usage.



Hi @Cberens78 ,

I will share the conclusion of the analysis of your data with you over a direct message.