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My speed increased to 4, will check for buffering. Also, it is clouded over and raining now, so not the best conditions.

Hi @david.reed,

Sounds good!

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Got it. I only checked out a couple of you tube videos this afternoon and noticed the faster load time right off. I need to check with sales to get some answers and I may be changing my package. I have Dish from Dish so want to see if I can get the same through Viasat and what that will do to my Data. I also need to find an alternate telephone service, as my 50+ year old copper is failing. Phone is out for last two weeks and we have an appointment on the 13th to “troubleshoot the problem”. At 76 and 75 with health problems neither us are happy with no means of communication aside from the computer. All of this is extraneous to the speed test program, but I felt that my results might not be usable. I just wanted you to be aware of the mess on my end. I am going to get this cured and would like to stay with the trial. Anything you would need me to do?

Hi David,

  • When you say “I have Dish from Dish so want to see if I can get the same through Viasat” you mean a Satellite Cable TV service? Unfortunately we don’t offer TV plans at the moment.

  • About finding an alternative telephone plan - Viasat Voice could be an option for you.

  • About the speeds, I do see that there might be some congestion in your service area during the peak busy period (evening hours), but outside of those hours the speeds look good for your plan (which offers speeds of up to 12 Mbps).

If you are interested in a plan upgrade, I recommend calling our customer care line at: 855-463-9333

We’ll keep your Data Saver ON at a video streaming speed of 4.5 Mbps, and at this point you don’t need to take any further actions (just let us know if you experience any issues with it).



I thank you for your help and advice, as soon as my telephone is operational again I will contact sales, have a great day.

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