Phone over talking

my phone service is terrible. we constantly talk over each other, very frustrating! Would going to a better plan fix it, ie: something faster?I plugged in a new wi-fi booster and that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Hello @Jimmymac

I checked your account and you don’t currently have Viasat Voice (VOIP) service. You’ve had EXEDE Voice but it hasn’t been active since 2020.

When you say “phone service”, do you mean Wi-Fi Calling?

Hello again @Jimmymac

I noticed you have a service call open for an equipment upgrade after your plan change.

It looks as though there was no coverage in your area for it, so I’ve put in a request to expedite this service call.

I apologize for the delay in giving you the equipment.

I’ll let you know as soon as the service call has an official date (or the Field Team may call you to confirm it first).