Poor Service, slow internet

I just had Viasat installed a month ago, it has been the slowest, spotty, can’t download, lost phone calls service I have ever had. I work from home and this is just not ok! I called in to complain and was told o had to pay $95 to have a tech come out or $9.95 a month to get a tech if needed. Now that is ridiculous! First off, if you are going to do that shouldn’t a tech be included in the base price? This is ridiculous considering I can’t get on the roof and fix a dish that has already moved in month one of having it! In my area apparently this is the only thing available. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you strive to do better as a provider. You apparently have a lot of business, how about doing better, raise the bar, be exceptional and put more resources into making this a better source of internet.
Please do better.

Hi, @Mgetridge,

Thanks for your message, and sorry for the bad experience.

I’m investigating that now, once I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

Hi, @Mgetridge,

Your antenna is mispointed. I’ll request the field team to contact you to schedule a visit to fix it.

I’ll also send you a private message so you can confirm your contact details.


I am beyond mad at this point! I have waited for a tech for two weeks and he was a No Show after I raced home to meet him. The time was set for after 5 the rep said he said he was here at 1230? This is ridiculous! I watched cameras and no one was here. O have to wait another week for service , I have paid for two months now and had a little service for about a week. Anger is not even the word for how I feel right now.

Hi, @Mgetridge,

Sorry about that! Perhaps the technician had a misunderstanding about the time.

From what I could see in the field team system, the visit was rescheduled to 25th Oct, after 5 PM. We’ll try to expedite that, if possible.

About the days you were without service, we’ll give you a discount to compensate for that.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience