No Internet or phone

I called last week because we had no internet and no phone and was told no one would be available till Jan 8, 2024. We had done all of the checks. This is very frustrating. The last time this happened we had an issue with the tech they had called and said it was too far he was coming they would have to find someone else and we would have to start over I don’t want that to happen again. We ask for an early date if possible.

Hello @nadama5054

I’ve sent you a private message requesting your account information.

With that, I can reach the Field Operations team to ask them about expediting your tech visit. :slight_smile:

Hi again @nadama5054

Thanks for the account info!

I’ve requested the Field Operations team to expedite your service call, due to your modem already being offline for this past week.

I’ll let you know as soon as they reply – or they may call you before, to schedule the visit.

Thank you so much hopefully, I will hear something soon. They where told to call 804.920.2487

Hi @nadama5054

I see that your tech visit was completed successfully on January 2nd, and the technician replaced your antenna.

How has your connection been since then? Did you experience any offline events after the visit, or is everything working out fine? :slight_smile:

Right now it works ok. It slow but its working so it all good.

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