No Connectivity

I have been a Viasat customer for a little over a year. Up until 2024 I haven’t experienced much of a issue. Since 2024 though I can’t keep service. I have to call to have a tech come out at least once a month. I called on May 9th 2024 to see if I could get a tech to come out and fix my service…again. They were supposed to escalate the issue and we were supposed to get a date for a tech to come out and repair our service. Here we are, May 15th and the supervisor I spoke with this morning said they just received the request, and they cannot schedule a service call, despite us being an Easy Care customer and paying extra monthly fee. I work as a virtual assistant and so far I have lost over $1,200 dollars in income due to not being able to stay connected. I just paid a $318 dollar monthly bill. Is there any hope to receive a service call date?

Hi @philidelphia88,

Sorry about this experience. I see on our system that your service orders didn’t go through for some reason. I just placed a new request for our Field Operations team to reach out to you to schedule a technician visit.

The issue appears to be an antenna mispoint. It is concerning that you get them so often, would you say that the weather in your location has been particularly bad in the last couple of months? Is there anything blocking the line of sight between your antenna and the sky? Is the pole where your antenna stands firm?



Hi @philidelphia88

I see that your service call was completed yesterday! :tada:

How has your connection been since then?