My speeds are garbage and it keeps cutting out

I’m trying to watch a simple movie on Disney plus and it can’t even stay connected or give any kind of speed to support the stream. Also my satellite looks like it may have moved. We had a bad wind storm a week ago.

Hi @ramarshall2017

Are you able to run the full speedcheck, so we can verify if those low speeds are coming from your modem?


It should run by itself in a few seconds after the Device Test is finished :slight_smile:

Hi again @ramarshall2017

I wasn’t able to find any issue with your antenna or satellite, but it’s possible that your connection was temporarily affected by the bad weather you mentioned.

Are you still experiencing drops today?

Regarding the speeds: I’ve sent you a private message with some options that might be a better fit for your historic usage.

Hi @ramarshall2017

Are you still experiencing this issue? I couldn’t find new drops on your account.

Please let us know if you still need help with this issue (and if you haven’t received that private message).


It’s all working fine for now. Thank you.

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