Modem, Dead, Cable not the issue

So I’ve had no internet since Saturday. You call and are being told you have to wait until Tuesday. and I called over the weekend? Is this fair for a customer who is paying $300 a month in service I can’t even get with the modem is up and running? Again, this is not GOOD service for anyone no matter how much they are paying on a monthly basis. How can I get someone out now!?

Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre ,

We’re very sorry for this situation. We’ll try to ensure that the visit is correctly performed.


First I am down 3 days
You tell me to wait
You missed your appt by being late
You finally replace my modem yesterday afternoon
This morning less than 12 hours modem is having issues
Are you kidding me here???

Remind me again why I am paying 299 a month???

Hi, @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

Aside from the error message in the app, please tell us what happened (bad speeds, no connectivity, etc.) and if the problem is still happening.

Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

I took a look at your modem and everything looks healthy on our end. I also ran a test from your modem and the speeds look great:

What was the symptom that prompted you to run the diagnostics on the My Viasat app?



Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre ,

I saw that you changed your setup on October 11.

Have you noticed better speeds from the new plan, with Enhanced Wi-Fi?

Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.



No!!! I have not and it’s as frustrating as ever.

Hi, @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

I noticed that the weather is probably not so good at your location, so there is a possibility of intermittent signal loss.

However, I did some tests and I saw good speeds now:



Could you give more details about the issue you’re having now?