Modem reboot and service issues

My modem went all colors , then seemed to reboot.
I have had no internet for 48 hours now.
I spent three hours between tech support and accounts.
They claim that it`s so screwed up I should open another account.
I did that , all the while asking How Long?"
At the end of the three hour call I was told it would be six days! I have been a customer since 2012, only moments ago my modem went all colors again and I now have limited access to news. No streaming , YouTube or Fookbook. The service guy cannot be here until the 28th!
While I have much more to say about this ,I will post this before it craps out.
I was a happy customer.

Hi @creosote

I’m sorry about this experience.
I see that you also posted another topic, so I’m going to centralize things over here.

I was about to try to expedite your service call with the Field Operations team, but I see that you disconnected on February 22nd and are currently awaiting termination.

It seems your account needs an upgrade, but as it’s currently disconnected, it’ll need to be upgraded to one of our other satellites if you wish to reconnect.

As we deal with technical issues here on the Forum but your plan is no longer active, and your issue is mostly account-related, I’d ask that you get in touch with the folks from Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333 again – they’ll be the ones who can sort out this upgrade confusion if you wish for it.

Again, I’m sorry about this whole situation and the experience you’ve had with us.
If you do reconnect, let us know here so we can try to expedite that much needed service call and get your modem back up.

Back and forth between “customer service” and tech support was how I wasted three hours when this all started!
At the moment I can post here and read a bit of news. No streaming allowed.
I only have too wait five more days!
I guess I`m hooked up to a satellite that does not like that sort of thing?

Viasat service man just fixed my system, I am once again a happy camper!

Hi @creosote

That’s very good news! :smiley:

If you need any additional help, please let us know.