Loyal Customer email, offering upgraded plans

We bit and upgraded from our old Evolution 25mbps/20 Gig to a Choice 50mbps/100 gig plan offered via the loyal custmer email. It understandably cost more but totally increased our frustration level to the max. The reason we upgraded was primarily for speed and data, based on our usage. Our usage is limited primarily to emails and web browsing on two tablets and streaming Netflix on one smart TV. We are retired and Netfix is our major form of entertainment. No gaming, no Zoom, no working from home, no security cameras no spotify type plans etc. Our source of frustration is the speed fluctuations while we still have more than adequate data for the billing period. We are currently well under the data cap so there should be no issues with high speeddata. For last two days we have had major problems with buffering on Netflix making it unwatchable. The buffering is even worse than our old plan after exceeding our high speed cap at 20 gigs.

So, what I’ve witnessed with the Choice plan upgrade is the swap of equipment, i.e. modem/router where the internal router is disabled, adding the interface of an Aria 2210 router, different satellite dish and tria ( all installed by a Viasat tech. I’ve noticed
other customers who upgraded and were initially satisfied until the dreaded speed slowdown and diminished capacity occured. These speed issues especially with upgraded plans have been going on unresolved for months.
Whats the deal.

My theory is that the newer unlimited plans and equipment were engineered with the hope that the newest satellite, Americas 3, would accomodate more custmers and also provide better internet service. We all know that satellite failed, in August of this year, to deploy its antennae rendering it pretty much if not totally useless. So what are the repercussions of that to new and existing customers. Too much increased bandwidth traffic on too few satellites that cannot accommodate residential customers. I read recently that Viasats final determination of how to handle the Americas 3 satellite loss was to change their growth focus away from a redisidential service and to focus future endeavors on business and military business. I get that Viasat has suffered an immense monetary loss but seems that existing and new customers will pay the price by higher plan costs and diminished service.

I’m sure I am not the only customer who has gone on a tirade on this site. I didnt intend for that to happen, but the more I wrote the more frustrated and angry I got expecting no solution to my buffering issue…

I would not want your job, you are technicians who seemingly have an impossible task. Thanks for your ear.

Hello @Oma ,

I understand your frustration completely. We Engineers have been developing more experiments as we go to make things better for our customers when new problems arise.

We can’t find your account on the system with the email you used to login to the Viasat Forum. We previously asked for more info so we can take a look at your issues on another post: Modem Confusion? - #2 by Anderson.

When you have the time, could you reply to the private message that was sent to you, so we can investigate further?

We have a few solutions to offer customers whose usage comes mainly from email/web browsing or streaming apps, but we can’t go ahead until we find your account.

Thank you!

The phone number attached to our account is not a mobile device so text messages don’t go through, if that is what you mean by private message. Not sure how to contact you privately without info being posted publicly. I previously sent our account number to “Anderson” when I posted re: modem confusion.

Hi @Oma,

By private messages, we mean DM’s here in the Forum.

Indeed you mentioned the “re: modem confusion” which is exactly what we are talking about.
You said you’ve sent your account number on that private message with Anderson but we couldn’t find it.

Could you please check again? Maybe try sending the message again, there might have been something wrong with your first attempt.

Thank you,

Hi @Oma ,

I’ve sent another message in the private thread with Anderson, “RE: Modem confusion”, so you can easily find the email to reply to. :slight_smile:

We haven’t received your account info on that private message thread yet, so your email may be stuck in the “outbox” folder of your email provider.