I got charged 3 months later even if I have returned my equipment

I called told them to terminate my subscription in Nov 2023 cause I am moving out of my house in California. They terminated my service exactly on Dec 4, 2023. I asked them to send me my RETURN box so I can return the small part of the satellite and the modem. They did not send me the box. I had to move out by the end of Dec 2023. I ask them to send the RETURN box to another address. I got the RETURN box there. I sent back the complete equipment with their RETURN BOX in Jan 2024. Today 3-4-2024 they charged my card $164. I called the customer service and they could not help me…WHY? This is so stressful. I was with viasat for more than 2 years. Why treat me like this?

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Hi @ferdinandcastillo

Sorry about this experience. I see that you called support today and due to technical issues they couldn’t access to your latest invoice with the charges you mentioned.

If you call again and explain your situation I’m sure they will be able to now take a look at the invoice and open a ticket to find any record of the the equipment that you returned. I see that the only missing part is the tria (the small metal device that goes attached to the antenna).

Our Forum team focuses on technical issues, so unfortunately we can’t really open a ticket for your case, but please try calling again.

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