"I am having the same type of issue"

Hi @crynard54,

I am creating a new post for your issue so that we can track it better. I am looking into your account now and will post an update by the end of the day.

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Hi @crynard54,

Can you please run an advanced speed check and send us a screenshot? You can find instructions on how to do this here: How to run a speed test from my modem? Being able to see both the device speeds and modem speeds will allow us to get a little bit more information about your modem so that we can try to see what the issue is. Here is an example of the screenshot we are looking for:

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I have reset it twice and it is still slow

Hi @crynard54,

Thank you for these screenshots! I will continue running some diagnostics on your account and will reach out again with another update today or tomorrow.

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@crynard54 Quick update.

Sometimes when we run a speedtest from your modem, we get speeds like this one:

But we are also seeing some of the speeds that you show so we are trying to figure out the root cause for these slow incidents. Hope to have something soon.

Are you able to run speed check (including Speed from your modem like you did above) in the morning to see if results are any different for you?

Wow, really bad today. Even Viasat Browser cannot see my modem. I am NOT on a VPN

The SSID says iPhone. Is that the Viasat network?

@crynard54 do you see what i mean?


I want to make sure you were not connecting to your iPhone hotspot when you ran this test. Can you confirm?

Hi @crynard54 ,

Thank you for sending that screenshot!

If possible, could you please run a few more tests at different times of day, and then send us a screenshot of the results page from the speed check? More information can be found here: Documenting intermittent slow speeds

This results history also does a nice job of indicating which provider you are testing:

Essentially, we are trying to figure out when exactly you are experiencing these slow speeds.


it is all day everyday. this is now

The reason you see AT&T is because i use my phone’s HotSpot while my phone is connected to Viasat - the reason i do that is because I get the speed from Viasat and my data fills in the slowness of the sateline ping. So, when i am on zoom meetings i dont freeze up so much. It is a lot clearer. And, believe it or not in the past (2 weeks ago) when i use my phones hotspot via viasat it is a lot faster than using viasat directly. Dont ask me why but, it is

ok so your laptop is connected to your phone’s personal hotspot. And your phone has both cellular (ATT) and also it has a Wifi connection to the Viasat Wifi gateway router. You find that your Zoom peformance is better in this configuration but you’re not sure how your phone is distributing the connectivity between Viasat and ATT. Is that an accurate summary?

This is the fastest it has been all day

Hi @crynard54,

Thanks for the speed test result screenshots.

Would you say Peter’s summary (above) is an accurate description of your setup?



Have you figured anything out? This is getting aweful

Have you figured anything out? This is getting worse