Connectivity, slow speeds and lack of customer service acknowledgment

We have had issues with our internet connectivity and speed since it was installed approximately 2 years ago. Customer service suggested an upgrade in our plan! we upgraded with no better results. What we asked for was a service call to check out the equipment. Viasat hesitates to send us a technician to try an resolve our issues. we pay for 60mbps /25mbps plan. our speed is 18.6/5.1. If Viasat reviewed our speed and connectivity history they would see that we have had issues since the install. TIME TO CHANGE !!

Hi @darrellmadsen ,

We’re very sorry for the bad experience you’re having.

I ran some tests and the results are great on our side, so we need to find out what is causing these speeds to not be reflected on your side, so I’d like to ask for some information to better pinpoint what could be causing that experience:

  1. Have you had these bad speeds all day or just at a specific hour of the day?

  2. Could you run an advanced speed check and post your results? You can find instructions on how to do this here: How to run a speed test from my modem?


I am having the same type of issue. For some reason it has been really bad the last two weeks . downloads anywhere from 5-15 and uploads anywhere from 0-3. I also pay for Century Link (they only give me 3 down and 2 up) but, it seems to be more stable than the viasat.

Hi @crynard54,

I created a new post with your issue here: "I am having the same type of issue"