Documenting intermittent slow speeds

Sometimes speeds vary over time and this can make it difficult to document the problem and therefore difficult to troubleshoot, root cause and remedy. One tool that helps is the results history tab in Viasat Speedcheck that can be found here.

It not only provides a graph of results over different time periods but also includes the detailed result metrics in a list. If you are experiencing so-called “intermittent” slow speeds, try using speedcheck to document your results and share them either via a screenshot of the graph or the comma-separated values (CSV) file, which you can download on the top left of the Results History page:



Instructions for the mobile version:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner

  2. Click on “Results History”

3.Click on the green download button

Important reminder: Your results history is saved within the browser/device you used to run your speed tests, please use the same device/browser in order to access your history.