My download speeds are very slow

After two power disconnects/reconnects at my Viasat modem my device download speeds have increased from 0.15 mbs to only 1.1 mbs. Upload speeds have always been about 5 mbs during this troublesome period. Jitter in the in the latest speed test is 2,455. Your agent also rebooted my modem last night and with a very clear sky I still had slow download speeds.
I have rebooted my Linksys router. Your analysis showed my router db as 58 and called it excellent.
Is there anything more I can do before I request a service call from Viasat?

Hello @jandjmaybach,

Thanks for contacting us, and I’m really sorry you’re experiencing such slow internet. We’re conducting an investigation into the issue you’ve reported, and would appreciate it if you could provide us with some further information.

  1. For how long have you been having those slow speeds, could you provide an initial date?
  2. Do you experience those slow speeds at any particular time of day, or is it all throughout the day?
  3. Could you please run a few advanced speed checks (from this article: How to run a speed test from my modem?) at different times of day and share the results with us so we can compare it to our own data?

Thank you,

Thanks for your reply.
The problem started on 22 April with download speeds under 0,5mbs.
It continued until this afternoon when what was finally acknowledged as an outage in my area was fixed. My speeds are now back to normal.
Unlike your prompt response time, I think it Viasat may have ignored my earlier requests for help until several more from my area complained.


Hi @jandjmaybach,

Thanks for the detailed response. This information helps our team learn and improve our troubleshooting process.

Like you mentioned, your speeds look a lot better now:

Just out curiosity, how was this outage acknowledged? Over a call with customer care or did you receive some form of written communication?



It appears to me from my record of speeds here the outage started sometime early on 22 April. I think, based on my slow speeds, the outage still continued when I first called in on 23 April but It wasn’t acknowledged until I called the second time on 24 April. When the message system found out where I am located the recorded message said there was an outage.


Got it, thank you for the info.

Hi @jandjmaybach ,

We have applied credit to your account due to this outage. We are very sorry for the trouble and we appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter!