Horrible speeds for the $

I have the top package- 150GB, with up to 75MB/s.
never have seen more than 20MB/s but only in bursts.
regardless of browser used, i cannot faithfully stream over 480p without LONG interruptions.
Plus- when it rains I lose all connectivity and modem red light comes on… then reboots itself.
i’ve had this new setup less than 1 month

Hello @shane

I apologize for this bad experience you’re having with Viasat.

I’m currently investigating whether your modem is faulty due to these frequent reboots.

Was it raining a lot during the hours of 11 PM yesterday to 6 AM today?
I can see that your modem had 8 offline events during those hours.

These events are supposed to be quick, but they shouldn’t be happening so often and so close to each other regardless.

I had the same issues with my old modem and dish too.


I’m finished with Viasat.


Hi @shane

I understand your frustration.

We can request a service call to check your new setup due to the offline events. It’s normal for the weather to affect a satellite connection, but not for the modem to reboot every single time it rains.

Would you like me to go ahead?

No thanks, I already cancelled service.