Help with router/modem logon

I changed my user and password a while ago and lost the book it was written down in qnd now im unablento log in amd make any changes. Have tried whatnitnsays will factory reset it but jnstill cant get into it. Any helpnor suggestions?

Hi @ruckge1

Do you mean the username and password to the Viasat Modem?

You can check if you still have the sticker on the Modem that shows the credentials, like this one:


I have the old exese modem router combo. It doesnt have that sticker and i have tried all the resolutions i was given over the phone. I am unable to use it at the moment and someone else has access. Id appreciate information on how to access it or a new modem

Hi @ruckge1 ,

if you have factory reset the modem, you can try the default credentials:

Please let me know if this works.


Hi @ruckge1

Did you manage to factory reset the modem or get the old password back?