Trying to setup Lorex DDNS to view camera security

VIASAT is my primary ISP Router. I have software setup with port fowarding on a diffferent network with a different ISP. Bridge mode it setup on the Viasat router I get to the Viasat Router and it wants me to LOGIN. I do not seem to have the correct user name and password.

Hi, @Burrowsle,

The credentials should be on a label on the modem itself, did you try the default credentials?

Yes I have used the password on the modem. I have also used it with burrowsle (my user name) with the same results. If I put admin & admin it lets me into the modem setup menu.

The name of the DDNS is:
my user name is ●●●●
and the password is ●●●●

The address line in the browser identifies the DDNS.

Thanks for your help.

Les Burrows

Hi, @Burrowsle,

Yes, admin/admin is usually the default.

Let me know if you need anything else.