Google maps location issue

Creating this post to track @BJay’s issue

Hi @BJay ,

Are you using any sort of VPN to access the internet on your device?


No. Our television does not have a VPN to use the internet.

Hi @BJay ,

I’ve sent you a direct message in order for us to proceed with your support.


Hi @BJay ,

Thanks for sending that direct message. We’ll investigate your situation and we’ll get back to you once we have any updates or if we need any new pieces of information.


Hi @BJay ,

Sorry for the wait. We tried verifying some things about your connection but for our investigation to proceed we’ll need to know which applications were yielding a wrong location for you, and if it only happens when using the Viasat network.


When we use our smart phones connected to the wifi, and we look up a store or restaurant, it defaults to using “your current location”, but the locations it comes up with are no where near where we live. The same happens if we are watching a show on our television on Amazon for instance, and there is a commercial or ad or even a brief local forecast for weather, it’s never anywhere near where we live, it’s always for somewhere in a different state. Sometimes it shows Wisconsin, sometimes Virginia etc. it changes. Here’s a couple screenshots of 2 stores I just looked up on my phone and you can see it’s thinking I’m in Virginia, but I am nowhere near that location. But when I’m at work and on my work wifi, it always knows exactly where I’m at and shows results for my exact location It’s only our viasat wifi that does this

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Hi @BJay,

Thank you very much for that incredibly detailed report, that is super helpful for our investigation! I’ll relay your message to the internal team for continuing the investigation and as soon as we have any updates I’ll let you know.


Hi, @BJay,

A possible cause for that issue is that your router was not mapped to its current location.

What is happening

When you or someone else uses the phone’s GPS and has WiFi turned on, the OS on the device records all WiFi access points and cell towers the device can “see”. This data is uploaded to databases of location service providers (like Skyhook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc).

Next time, even when there’s a storm outside and GPS is not working, your device can still get its location with WiFi on since there is a location in the database mapping your home router.

This explains why your devices may get the wrong location after you purchase a new router or move to a new place. It may take weeks or months for the location of your router to be updated automatically.

In other words, it’s not the router that should be blamed, but the wrong mapping recordings in the location database.

How to fix it

You can trigger the router mapping by turning on GPS & WiFi. Just turning on GPS is not sufficient, You have to ensure that it gets a valid fix. You might have to step outside your house where you get good GPS signals and WiFi is within range.

I know that’s not an easy solution :sweat_smile:

Could you try it for a couple of weeks? and then let’s see if things get any better. In the meantime, you should rely on your phone’s GPS to fix your correct position.

For the TV, since it probably gets the location from the router, it will only show you the correct local news, weather reports, etc. when the router has its location updated in the location services database.

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Still about the TV, did you check if there is any way of manually setting its location?

You could try setting the location for Amazon Prime as follows: Amazon Digital and Device Forums - US

It only lets me select the time zone It doesn’t let me narrow it down any more than that And this is only Amazon Not Netflix or other apps I have image0.jpeg

Hi @BJay ,

We’re checking back to see if the problem was resolved, as we haven’t heard from you in a while.

Did you manage to follow Anderson’s fix for the wrong location on your router?

Regarding the issue with Amazon, you can set the location for your account manually using these steps, if your router still shows the wrong locale.

Please let us know if you need any more assistance with this issue.

Thank you!


I had already changed our location on Amazon and it didn’t do anything. I did change the time zone to our current time zone and although the location is still
Showing incorrect as far as apps on tv and local Weather etc, it’s at least a city in the correct time zone now

Hi @BJay !

You mean on the TV, right? Based on the picture you sent a while ago.

Did you manage to change the location on the router so that it gets mapped correctly?

Yes I meant the television. I don’t seem to understand how to change my router’s location. Am I correct in understanding that in order to change the router’s location, I have to use my phone while connected to wifi? Like I’ve said previously, my phone is giving me wrong information because the wifi doesn’t have our correct location. I find it hard to imagine why someone on your end cannot change our router’s location. Or at the very least, let me be able to do so on your website etc. It seems like the way you’re suggesting to fix the router will end up being a problem since the router thinks we are somewhere else and the phone also thinks we are somewhere else because it’s basing information off the router

If I can throw in here…I have been able to change my router’s location and now my tv shows the correct area. However, I am having trouble with computer programs not picking up the correct location and in some instances the programs are unusable due to program restrictions which only allow them to be run in specific states. Any ideas on how to correct this?

Hi, @bagster,

Thanks for your message. Which programs do you mean? Could you tell us the details of those apps, and send us some screenshots?

If you prefer, you can send me the details over a private message.

I am using Draftkings which has legal limitations in some states. It is legal where I live but apparently Viasat is showing that I live in VA.

Hi Anderson,

Here is a screen shot of what I get when the program prompts me to log in and it checks my location:

Inline image

(Attachment dataURI-1706758598629 is missing)

Hi, @bagster,

I see. From the picture you sent this app runs in a browser, but it can not locate you. Could you click on the lock icon beside the URL bar and check if that site has permission to access your location?