Google maps location issue

I have tried the lock icon in both positions and it doesn’t matter.

Hi, @bagster,

Got it. So even if you allow the website to access your location you still see that same page (sent in your previous message), right? Did you try with different browsers?

I normally use Firefox but I just tried it with Chrome and had the same issue. Chrome also suggested a number of settings to check for location and they all look good according to what they said should be selected. Here is a screenshot:

Hi, @bagster,

I see. Well, while we try to figure it out, perhaps you could try using a VPN? That might do the job. There are some free options like Proton VPN (this is not a specific recommendation, just naming as an example)

Hi Anderson,

I tried Proton but apparently they have changed their policy and if you use the free version you cannot select country or location manually. I ended up with a server in Japan. So I tried another free VPN but it didn’t help the issue either. As a matter of fact DraftKings advises that you should not use a VPN as you can see by the screen shot here.

Hi @bagster

I’ve sent you a private message to verify some things about your device’s location. :slight_smile:

For public knowledge,
Closing this topic as the posters’ issues are being worked over private message.

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