Google maps location issue

Hi, @BJay,

A possible cause for that issue is that your router was not mapped to its current location.

What is happening

When you or someone else uses the phone’s GPS and has WiFi turned on, the OS on the device records all WiFi access points and cell towers the device can “see”. This data is uploaded to databases of location service providers (like Skyhook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc).

Next time, even when there’s a storm outside and GPS is not working, your device can still get its location with WiFi on since there is a location in the database mapping your home router.

This explains why your devices may get the wrong location after you purchase a new router or move to a new place. It may take weeks or months for the location of your router to be updated automatically.

In other words, it’s not the router that should be blamed, but the wrong mapping recordings in the location database.

How to fix it

You can trigger the router mapping by turning on GPS & WiFi. Just turning on GPS is not sufficient, You have to ensure that it gets a valid fix. You might have to step outside your house where you get good GPS signals and WiFi is within range.

I know that’s not an easy solution :sweat_smile:

Could you try it for a couple of weeks? and then let’s see if things get any better. In the meantime, you should rely on your phone’s GPS to fix your correct position.

For the TV, since it probably gets the location from the router, it will only show you the correct local news, weather reports, etc. when the router has its location updated in the location services database.

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