Map appropriate IP address to router

This is an ongoing issue that I have been working with one of your engineers on and I am waiting for action that they said last week was being elevated to a priority and should be taken care of by this last Monday. Today is Wednesday and it has not as yet been addressed and I am wondering if the severe weather in Calif recently could be causing the delay. At any rate, I am waiting for your techs to remote in to my modem/router and statically map it’s IP address to the mac of the modem using an IP address that is appropriate for my state of NH. I am currently unable to run some apps that can only be run if it shows that I am a NH resident. The engineer that I have been working with stated that this would solve the problem.
Thank you

Hi @bagster

As this issue concerns a lot of your private data (IPs, MAC etc.), I’ll reply on our private thread. :slight_smile:

For public knowledge, closing this topic as the issue is being worked on via private message.

If you have a similar issue, please start a new topic.