Download Speed 1.8 Mbps (worse ever)

Download speed 1.8 Mbps (worse ever)
Upload speed 5.1

Hi @djryan7,

Sorry about this experience. We’ll take a look at your account and send an update here soon.

I rebooted the modem and it increased.

Thank you,
David Ryan

Hi @djryan7,

I was taking a look at the results for the tests you ran on Speed Check and noticed that many of them show a discrepancy between the speed from the device and the speed from the modem. This could indicate a Wi-Fi issue.

In order to validate/rule-out this, could you please run a few of these complete speed diagnosis tests with the following conditions:

  • In the morning (because the evenings are the times of greatest congestion, so it’s ideal to test far from those times).
  • Standing right next to your Viasat modem.