Slow Internet after switching to Viasat Unleashed

So Tech came Wednesday and replace Modem and dish hardware. Worked great afterward rest of day Wednesday. All day today been extremely slow to non-existent. Speed test shows download speed at 2 Mbps and upload at 0.4 Mbps. Somethings wrong.

Hi @harrijg ,

Currently the speeds on your modem are looking great!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Speed Check test result on your account.

When you get a chance can you please run a complete speed diagnosis using This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

You can find the complete instructions on how to run it here: How to run a speed test from my modem?


Hi @harrijg ,

The results on your device seems really low compared to the ones I have access to.

Could you please follow the instructions and run a complete Speed Check analyses on the Viasat Browser? This way we can compare the speeds from your device and from your modem.


Message for Isabella. Using my speeds are 4.5 download and 1.4 upload. This is unacceptable, I need a tech to come out & see what’s going on. Thanks, harrijg

Hi @harrijg

I just checked your results history and they seem a bit better:

However, 2 of your first few tests were run on another network (not Viasat).
It’s not a big deal, but just a heads-up :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the Unleashed plan offers speeds up to 25–100 Mbps.

The last few results are a bit below that – probably due to evening peak period, when the network is a tad busier.

To make sure there’s no other underlying issue, could you please run another few Speedchecks, but in different hours? I noticed that most of your tests are pretty close to one another, and most are from the evening or early morning.

Right now, your modem speeds are around 40–50 Mbps:

image | image

So this sits within the range of 25 - 100 Mbps of Unleashed. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think maybe the problem is with the router aspect of the modem. I downloaded the viasat browser, logged in to myviasat, and attempted to run viasat speed check on my downstairs pc (modem is upstairs) but it wouldn’t even work it was so slow. I plugged my upstairs computer into the LAN & ran same tests up there and dowload was ~ 20 Mbps, upload ~10. New modem was just installed Wednesday, May 8 & worked super all that day, but problems started next day. Thanks for your help, you guys are great! Maybe this email will make it through?

Hi @harrijg

Usually, we recommend that customers use an external router connected to the Viasat modem.

Do you currently only use the modem’s Wi-Fi?

Yesm on two of those I was logged on to the internet via my phone hotspot. Sometimes that’s the only way I can access the web. EmojiI was just interested in what my speeds were via the phone hotspot.

Results after trying to run speed test for ~ 15min (see pdf)

Viasat Speed Test 7-23 PM.pdf (49.5 KB)

Still trying to run speed test after 2 hours (see pdf)

Viasat Speed Test 9-22 PM.pdf (47.5 KB)

Hi @harrijg

Thank you for the results!

I checked your modem earlier today and noticed that you’re having lots of offline events this week. It’s possible that this has affected your setup negatively.

I’m escalating your issue to the Modem team, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Hi again @harrijg

Sorry for the slow reply.

We’ve been investigating your account for a while now, and it seems there is no underlying cause for your slow speeds. According to our analysis, your internet setup doesn’t have any inherent issues.

However, the bad speeds might be caused by network congestion during the peak busy periods. We recommend connecting fewer devices to your network, not using VPN, and connecting your device via Ethernet cable if possible.

I can see both good and bad speed results in your tests, which is indicative of fluctuation: