Download and Upload speeds

These are the speeds I have been getting for the last few months-
Satellite Signal Speed from your modem

21:07 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 16.88Mbps

Up: 9.94Mbps RSSI: 53dBm FL-SNR: 10.3dB Down: 20.83Mbps

Up: 10.04Mbps

21:04 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 13.35Mbps

Up: 9.92Mbps RSSI: 53dBm FL-SNR: 9.8dB Down: 18.44Mbps

Up: 8.91Mbps

20:54 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 9.47Mbps

Up: 9.95Mbps RSSI: 54dBm FL-SNR: 9.6dB Down: 23.55Mbps

Up: 10.27Mbps

20:51 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 11.09Mbps

Up: 7.73Mbps RSSI: 53dBm FL-SNR: 10.1dB Down: 18.48Mbps

Up: 11.05Mbps

20:48 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 8.9Mbps

Up: 5.81Mbps RSSI: 53dBm FL-SNR: 9.6dB Error:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘0’)

20:46 ViaSat,Inc. Down: 16.75Mbps

Up: 9.48Mbps RSSI: 53dBm FL-SNR: 9.4dB Not available
This is from the modem to my desktop
The modem is about 5 feet away from my desktop.
So what is the problem???

Hi @jmaddox1795 ,

Thank you for your message. Our team will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as we have any updates or if we need new information.


Hi @jmaddox1795 ,

According to our analysis, your internet setup has no inherent issues.

The bad speeds in the evening might be caused by network congestion during the peak busy period (evening hours).

I can see both good and bad speed results in your tests and in the tests we’ve run ourselves, which can be explained by the period of the day they were run.

During the peak period, we’d recommend connecting fewer devices to your network, not using VPN, and connecting your device via Ethernet cable if possible.

If you run out of priority data, your traffic is not prioritized and you might see slower rates too, especially during the peak busy periods, so it is best to avoid it.