DL speeds fluctuation

Hi, @whipperin11,

I see you’ve mentioned here that changing the prime video quality fixed the issue. Is that the buffering issue you were experiencing in thread https://forum.viasat.com/t/buffering-when-loading-a-show/929?

I also see that you posted in the previous thread (that i just linked above) the following post:

However, now it appears my entire internet speeds are being throttled. Everything, web page loads, email, are all very slow. Is this supposed to happen? Because prior to this experiment I was getting great download speeds in the range of 80Mbps. I’m now getting about 17Mbps and Fast says 4Mbps. I get Fast uses video and that is what is being throttled but the other two speed tests should be straight download speeds. These slow speeds provide an unacceptable experience. If this is what participating in this experiment means, then I’d like to opt out. Please advise.

The data saver we are experimenting with should not affect speeds outside of video. In order for us to keep track of the issue and assist you, could you please confirm that the buffering issue has been solved as mentioned, and then provide us with the speed test results from the viasat speed test, as this guide (How to run a speed test from my modem?) indicates?

Thanks in advance!