Buffering Delays

I have had the service since late September, and with Priority Data (and without it after it expired in 20 days), I have yet to make it through a Netflix show or a Saturday football game without continuous buffering issues. The show stalls every few minutes and takes a minute or two to buffer. Something has to be wrong. I refuse to believe this is the customer experience I signed up for.

Just ran a speed check on my laptop, plugged into an ethernet jack. Download 8.1 / Upload 4.6

Hello @tarcaro67 ,

I just ran a speedtest from your modem remotely and got these fast results:


There are multiple possible explanations for why you are having vides streaming problems and seeing a low download speed (8 Mbps versus my 122 Mbps) so let’s try to work through them. I think there are two things we should do at immediately.

  1. I noticed you have Video Data Extender enabled. See this post Should I enable Video Data Extender? for an explanation of this “feature” and how you can disable it. I would recommend disabling it at least as a test to see if your Netflix (or other streaming service) continues to buffer. If disabling it, improves things then we can talk about other ways to make your priority data last longer without sacrificing your experience.

  2. If you are able to run a speedtest that runs both speed from the device and speed from the modem at the same time by using the Advanced tab on Speedcheck.viasat.com, that will help us know where to look next to root cause your download speed issue (the 8 Mbps number) from your device. See this forum post for steps on how to run Speedtest from your Modem.

Peter, thank you for getting back to me. I turned the video exteder off and I am getting the following this morning:
Wife downstairs laptop plugged in directly to modem ethernet = 75 / 3.2
Upstairs cell phone wifi = 75/3.2
Upstairs laptop using wifi (next to phone) = 7.3 / 4.0
Same laptop upstairs when plugged into ethernet = 9.9 / 3.5

Question - anything I can do to speed up my work laptop?

That’s very interesting. My main question is in comparing your wife’s laptop plugged directly into the modem and your own laptop upstairs plugged into the ethernet. Question: if you walk downstairs to where your wife works, and take her ethernet cable and plug it into your laptop, what results do you get?

Also, when you run on your laptop upstairs and see the 9.9 download result presumably for your “speed from device”, what does the “speed from your modem” look like? See this screenshot:

Hi Peter. I wanted to provide an update on the Viasat deliverable. I believe I have mentioned that I live with my wife, no children in the home. We both work from home, about 50 hrs each weekly. We like to watch a tv program in the evening (Hulu or Netflix), along with a Saturday fotball game. We had ethernet jacks installed at the two tv’s to try to assist with coverage. In an attempt to watch a program, we have blue ethernet cables connected from the modem to the tv’s. Yesterday (Saturday) we had company at the house to watch two football game (blue cables and all around the floors). We were able to watch about 70% of the 2:30pm Florida/Georgia game (with buffering issues). We also tried to watch the TN/UK game at 6pm. We gave up at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The length and number of buffering delays was every couple of minutes. Note, we turned off all wifi devices, and disconnected the router to other jacks in the house. The only connection was the tv connected directly to the modem. As I have stated earlier, there has to be something wrong with the setup, as I can not imagine this being the expected customer experience. Please advise.

Sorry to hear that you are still having these problems. As per above, can you confirm that your Video Data Extender is turned off? At the time you experience the buffering of the Florida/Georgia game, did you run a speedtest and confirm that you were seeing good speeds?


Yes, during the game I did run a test and confirm the WiFi was good. This evening we we rented a movie from Amazon around 6:30 pm. At around 7 we lost the movie. I reset the modem, but I get nothing on Hulu and Amazon. I ran a speed test on my phone about 10 feet from the modem. Test was 0.2 and 1.5

The video extender has been turned off since you 1st told me to do so.

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Peter, this morning I spoke to my next door neighbor who has Viasat. He has not had the problems I have had since purchasing Viasat in late September. He told me that when Viasat first installed the Satellite dish, he had problems and it had to be moved to a new location. Attached is an image of my install. Could the roof be blocking the signal?

@tarcaro67 I double checked your account and the video data extender was still enabled – so I disabled it. Let me know if you see improvements in your video streaming.

“I ran a speed test on my phone about 10 feet from the modem. Test was 0.2 and 1.5”
We need to figure out if this is a problem between your device and your modem or a problem between the modem and the Internet. I just ran another speedtest from the modem and I got 150 Mbps! This suggests that your antenna is seeing the satellite no problem - so the roof is not blocking.

When you run the speedtest, are you able to also check the “speed from the modem” using the instructions in the link I sent? When you get those terrible results (0.2 and 1.5), it would be great to also see the “speed from the modem” in order to completely rule out the network between your device and your modem. Does that make sense? It might be that you are getting intermittently bad speeds. I wrote a post on how to document that here: Documenting intermittent slow speeds.

For now, let’s hope that disabling VDE helps. And then we can focus on those occasional bad speeds. Sorry this is such a slow process but I am optimistic that we will figure this out.


I’m having the same issue and have had it for almost 2 years. I’m considering moving due to unreliable internet service in my area.
What was the final solution for this customers problem?

Hi @RJW ,

As far as I can tell, we were never able to resolve the issues experienced by @tarcaro67 but we have helped many others. I will direct message you to ask for your account number if you would like us to take a deeper look.