Data speed increase

The increased speed does help still some buffering but it is better

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Hello @Mags ,

Do you mean the video streaming speed of Data Saver?

Your Data Saver is currently at the lowest speed (2.6 Mbps) so buffering is not super unusual – if you’d like, we can try the higher speeds and see what works best. :slight_smile:

Firstly, could you double-check for us please if you’re receiving the actual rate of 2.6 Mbps? You’re currently out of priority data, so your internet speeds in general might sometimes get slower, and that can influence your streaming speed, too.

You can use Netflix’s streaming speed test,


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Yes trying a faster speed would be great do you know why the data spend gets slower toward the end of the month as the month goes on it just keeps getting slower till it doesn’t work at allstrong text

Hi @Mags ,

As you go through the month, you may be using up all your high-speed data. This can be seen under “Usage” on your MyViasat app. If you run out of priority data, your traffic is not prioritized and you might see slower rates too, especially during the peak busy periods.

Like so:

That’s why we should first check your internet speeds in general and also run the test on – you may not even be receiving the 2.6 Mbps we previously set for you.

I’ve sent you a detailed guide on another post to run the speed tests. :slight_smile:

If we can confirm whether your speeds have dropped due to having used all your high-speed data, then I can give you a data boost free of charge to continue the testing of the Data Saver experiment.

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