Survey filled out

I filled out the survey.

Hi @lizarragaalex,

The Data Saver feature is now active for your account!

I set your video download speed to 2.6 Mbps. You can run a video speed test on and check if that’s the speed you have now.

If you find any issues (e.g.: buffering, etc), please let us know. We can adjust the video speeds up to 4.5 Mbps if necessary.

If you use Amazon Prime, you’ll still have to adjust the video quality manually (we have been working on that, so that won’t be necessary in the future). To adjust the Prime video quality, please follow the instructions in this video: How To Adjust Streaming Quality On Amazon Prime Video - YouTube

Any feedback is very welcome. This is still experimental, so your comments can help us improve the feature. You can post any comments about the feature here - Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!



Hey nacho , I believe you mistakenly sent me someone else’s email

Oops, sorry @de_cee please disregard this one.

Hey nacho where am I supposed to be putting my information you know about the buffering and if it’s good if it’s bad am I supposed to be doing it right here because every time I go to that one site where the lady’s there I can’t remember her name there’s a picture of her a paragraph and then on the bottom is a bunch of people commenting what do I have to do so I’m confused where I am supposed to be reporting the progress of the data program. And the internet is still going in and out not as bad but the buffering is really bad I know my data is out but like I said before when we paid for cable we had TV 24/7 I don’t understand why we have to pick and choose paying the same price and I know it’s not you it’s the company you work for anyway thank you for your help enjoy your evening or morning I don’t know where you are or what time it is

Hi @de_cee,

Sorry about the slow reply.

Yes, you can post at the bottom of the data saver topic here - Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

However, your issue appears to be more related to you being out of priority data. I will reply in the private message thread I have with you.