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@whipperin11, I’m creating this new topic to better keep track of that speed issue, ok?

I’m going to check your equipment and service area to find out what might be happening.

The prime quality settings were the problem. Setting to good quality resolved the issue. Thanks!!!

Hi, @whipperin11,

I see you’ve mentioned here that changing the prime video quality fixed the issue. Is that the buffering issue you were experiencing in thread https://forum.viasat.com/t/buffering-when-loading-a-show/929?

I also see that you posted in the previous thread (that i just linked above) the following post:

However, now it appears my entire internet speeds are being throttled. Everything, web page loads, email, are all very slow. Is this supposed to happen? Because prior to this experiment I was getting great download speeds in the range of 80Mbps. I’m now getting about 17Mbps and Fast says 4Mbps. I get Fast uses video and that is what is being throttled but the other two speed tests should be straight download speeds. These slow speeds provide an unacceptable experience. If this is what participating in this experiment means, then I’d like to opt out. Please advise.

The data saver we are experimenting with should not affect speeds outside of video. In order for us to keep track of the issue and assist you, could you please confirm that the buffering issue has been solved as mentioned, and then provide us with the speed test results from the viasat speed test, as this guide (How to run a speed test from my modem?) indicates?

Thanks in advance!

Setting the quality setting in Prime to GOOD DID NOT solve the buffering problem. The shows will now load after about 30 seconds and it will play, but there is frequent buffering while the show attempts to play. The GOOD setting limits the data to .6 MB per hour but I’m not sure how to convert that to Mbps.

The Viasat Speed Test verifies the other speed tests. Result = 17.2 Mbps
So yes, my download speeds are now significantly lower than before signing up for the DL experiment.

Running speed check from the Viasat browser yielded 17.3.
Speed from modem = 13.36

I am on ethernet not wifi and the modem is sitting right next to me.

Hope this helps – jeff

Hi, @whipperin11,

As you mentioned on the other topic, the data saver should not throttle the speed for everything, but that’s a possibility.

I’m going to check more and see what I can find.

Do you give me permission to check your home network information?

With your permission, I can better understand your home network setup and troubleshoot connectivity issues by looking at the applications, operating systems, and devices connected to your home network through your Viasat Internet connection.


Apparently, the speed issue was due to the data saver feature. I did some tests and the DL speed was back to normal when I disabled the feature.

For the moment, while we troubleshoot what happened, we’ll leave it disabled for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience, for the moment you’ll need to manually adjust the video quality in the streaming apps.

Hopefully, we’ll have an update on that soon

I suspected that might be the case. Thanks and please keep me posted as you find out new info. I’ll tell my wife to go easy on the video for now haha.

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Hi, @whipperin11, thanks for your cooperation :grinning:

Thanks to your report, we found what was not properly working in the data saver feature and we’re now working on the fix.

It might take around 3 days, I’ll let you know when we can reactivate it for you.

Hi, @whipperin11,

The issue took longer than we expected to be solved.

We have now a proposed fix, but it’s being tested/reviewed at this moment.

I message you again once it’s all done.

Thanks I’m more than happy to take it for a test beta when you are ready.

Hi, @whipperin11,

Now everything should be working fine. The fix is done.

I activated again the data saver feature to your account (4.5Mbps for videos), and did some tests. This is what I could see:

Please give it I try and let us know if everything is working well.

Ok will do. My wife already blew through the 200 mb and I had to buy more so we’ll see how it works. Thanks!!

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Confirmation given in this other topic

Thanks for your work. I’m getting 4.0 Mbps and my wife is not complaining so all must be good :joy:

Keep up the good work and thanks!!! – jeff