Speed test check

My internet has been running great but today it just keeps freezing up.

Hi @Mags

I see that you ran a speed check today and the result of your device test is very good:


Was that more or less around the time when you experienced the freezing up? Have you experienced this at specific hours or during the entire day?

You ran out of high-speed data yesterday and are now on standard unlimited data, so your speeds are not always prioritized during peak periods – this can cause freezes and longer loading times.

I recall that on our first conversation here on the Forum, we had investigated a similar situation: Slow speeds at night - #17 by Mags

From your account, I see that you were previously on the plan “Choice 50 Mbps” with a monthly high-speed data allowance of 100 GBs.

You’re now on the “Choice 12 Mbps” with a data allowance of 60 GBs, so there’s quite a difference.

I see also that you purchased Office Hours on December 19, which helps to save up high-speed data when using work-related applications during business hours.

However, if your main usage comes from streaming applications such as Youtube, HBO Max, Netflix, etc., then Office Hours will have no effect and your high-speed data will continue to be used up quickly.

For streaming-related usage, we have the free add-on called Data Saver: