Slow speed a lot of buffering

I only had this via sit for a week and a half. My dad has beat is already gone. I get a lot a lot of buffing and I don’t know what to do about it. I explained when I got it I was disabled nothing to do but watch TV. How do I handle this situation?

Hi @Bigrog55 ,

I’m sorry to hear about this bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service.

Regarding your data usage if you give us consent we can take a deeper look at your usage and give you a full analysis on which apps/devices are consuming most of your data.

You can also take a look at our data-saver experiment here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!. If you are interested in participating you can fill out the form and we’ll limit your data consumption which will help you save your high-speed data for longer.

Being out of high-speed data can cause buffering while streaming for example. When you experience this buffering you mentioned, is it all day long or during specific moments of the day?

Thank you,