Viasat voice false charging

I have been a customer for going on 2 years now. today is the first time I’ve actually ever looked on at bill, because I am on autopay. Needless to say, I have been being charged for $35 for 2 years now for Viasat voice and NEVER added this to my account or used this. As well as “other services for” and “one time charge” for $9.99 for 2 years. This needs to be addressed and fixed and made right for all these false payments I’ve been charged.

Hi, @audraauten,

Thanks for your message, and sorry for the bad experience.

Please call the customer care line at 855-463-9333. Billing issues are normally handled by them (here in the forum we’re more focused on technical stuff).

After you call them, let us know here. We can try clarify something or escalate the issue to another team, if needed.