Self-service modem replacement

I have Viasat business service with an RG1000 satellite terminal. Recently the service stopped working due to the terminal failing. The RG1000 gets warm, but no status light and no ethernet link. Tech support says that even though this is leased equipment from Viasat that failed, I need to pay a $175 technician dispatch fee to have them come replace their broken equipment. It might be understandable to pay this fee for customer-owned equipment, but this is managed equipment owned by the service provider that has an associated monthly fee.

My question is whether there is a self-service replacement option for this equipment, given that the failed equipment is the indoor modem and not the ODU. If not, is there any reason I shouldn’t just cancel service and sign up for new Viasat service (this account is no longer under contract) or HughesNet service? Or Starlink for that matter? Is there a retentions department at Viasat?

Hi @pswired,

I’m very sorry for the delay in my reply.

Could you kindly provide me with your account number over a direct message so that we can verify what might be the issue?

In the meantime, I will contact the personnel that provides specialized business support, but the expected date for a reply would be only Monday.


Thanks, Leonardo. I’ll DM you shortly.

Thank you very much.

I’ll investigate and get back to you once I have updates.


Thanks, Leo. Looking forward to hearing what you find.


Update: connected the customer with the Viasat Business Care team and a service call was scheduled for 4/6 - will follow up after this to check in on customer’s experience.

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The technician dispatch just completed at my site. Despite being clear to every person I’ve interacted with that the modem is dead and will not power on, the technician arrived with no replacement modem and couldn’t do anything other than agree that the modem needs to be replaced. What are my next steps?

I spoke with the business support call center just now and scheduled another tech visit for 4/12 to try again to replace the modem.

It would be really really great if Viasat could, like most other major ISPs, just send out a replacement modem instead of asking the customer to schedule time to wait for technician dispatches that are unnecessary based on the reported issue.

Hi @pswired, that sounds very frustrating, we are sorry about this experience.

I will get in touch with our field services team, ask to expedite this new visit and leave a note emphasizing that you need a modem swap.

Thanks for your patience,


Following up here. The technician dispatch completed and the modem hardware has been replaced. My service is back up and running now.

Hi @pswired, thanks for the update and especially for patience. I will go ahead and mark this issue as solved.